Chevron Island Tan

"It's hailed as one of the best spray tans in the country"
- Harper's Bazaar.
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“It’s hailed as one the best spray tans in the country, thanks to the formulas unique natural & long lasting colour. Chevron Island Tan is the golden hot spot of the coast; its technicians will work with your skin colour to build an even, natural-looking tan that doesn’t scream “fake”. Book ahead as you may find yourself wrestling for an appointment with visiting celebrities and local stars.” – HARPER’S BAZAAR

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Tips for Tanners

Before Your Tan:

It is extremely important that you exfoliate atleast twice before getting your spray tan, the night before your appointment and the day of. Pay particular attention to rough areas such as knees, elbows, underarms, ankles, heels and the tops of your feet. Gloves or specialised tanning mitts are the best products to use for this preparation. We do stock reusable tanning mitts in our salon, that help get rid of dead skin, leaving you with the best base for your spray tan.

It is also best to shave or wax at least 10 hours prior to your spray tan and avoid the use of deodorants, perfumes and moisturisers the day of your appointment. These products will act as a barrier and will inhibit the effectiveness of the tanning solution.
Also, be careful the soap or body wash you are using the day of your appointment isn’t a moisturising one, as this can also leave a film on your skin which can block the tan.

We recommend that you wear dark, loose, comfortable clothing after your tanning session. Chevron Island Tan solution will not stain clothing in most cases, and any slight rub off should come out in a normal wash. However some staining may occur on some light coloured leather, acrylic or other sensitive fabrics.


After Your Tan:

Shower your tan off in the recommended time for the solution you have chosen. You should use plenty of soap, no scrubbing, making sure you have all of the excess bronzer off evenly, as the express tans will continue to develop on you after your shower. It’s best to use a PH Balance soap or body wash for the duration of your tan, as they won’t strip your skins natural oils.

Once you shower, It is really important that you use a tan extender, to help prolong your new tan. These will also help your tan fade more evenly and not come off in patches after the 7-10 days. Products which contain mineral oils, petroleum and petrolatum are not recommended and will strip your skin, making your spray tan come off a lot quicker and in patches. Feel free to ask us about these in the salon, as we always stock really good tan extenders, to help you get the most out of your tan.

Avoid activities that promote natural exfoliation, such as long spas, baths or chlorine pools, as they will help take your tan off a lot quicker. Excess sweating can also affect the life of your tan.

After 7-10 days, your skin will be ready to shed and your tan will be ready to come off. Exfoliate the same as you would to prepare your skin, with the gloves or mitt. Soak in a bath or shower before exfoliating to make your tan easier to remove.